Having your Magic Truffles session guided professionally

Hi welcome, nice to see you are interested in magic truffles and her wonderful healing capacities!

In the Netherlands we are in the happy circumstance that magic truffles are legal. This makes it possible to enjoy this powerful substance during an in-depth psychedelic journey and free yourself from trauma and non-constructive patterns.

This is not without risks. Therefore it is wise to have an experienced facilitator by your side, preferably someone with a therapeutic background. Someone who takes care of you and your well being.

My name is Sebastiaan and with great pleasure and dedication I facilitate your magic truffles psychedelic journey and those of your loved ones if you choose to do it together. I do this at my place, your home or at a different location to your liking (for example an Airbnb location in nature). If you want, I can assist you with finding an appropriate alternative location.

I have a therapeutic background and I am an experienced traveler and facilitator. Afterwards, I help you interpret your journey so you can optimally apply your new insights to your daily life.

On this website you find information about my approach and about psychedelic journeying. You can read about the beautiful effects and the risks to take into consideration.

If you have any questions or would like to book an introductory interview, contact me via the contact form.

Blessings, Sebastiaan

Standard packages

PackageFor whom?Program
  • People who want to get to know Magic Truffles safely
  • People who want answers to life questions
  • Magic Truffles Ceremony
  • Integration session via Skype
  • People who want to tackle blockages that keep them from experiencing more inner strength, harmony and love
  • Therapeutic body-oriented session to make contact with the body and the chosen theme
  • Magic Truffles Ceremony
  • Therapeutic body-oriented session (incl. integration)
  • People who want to process trauma
    People who suffer from regular heavy moods
  • People who suffer from diagnosed depression (age +25 years)
  • 2 therapeutic body-oriented sessions to make contact with the body and the theme(s)
  • Magic Truffles Ceremony (supported by 2 therapeutic guides)
  • 7 therapeutic body-oriented sessions (incl. integration)