Mind-expanding Master plants are healers and can be enormously valuable on the path to more freedom, self-empowerment, self-realization, in relation to healing traumas and removing blockages, regaining contact with ourselves, with the heart and intuition and with our surroundings.

While mind-expanding Master plants has been used for thousands of years in Latin America, it is slowly returning to the modern West after the wave of illegalization in the 60s and 70s. Although still small, scientific research is increasingly being conducted. The effects on patients with issues such as depression are very promising.

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Follow your authentic voice for ultimate fulfillment

It sounds awfully spiritual, but not to worry, it is quite practical if you sense into it. Do you know these situations where you tell yourself ‘today I’m going to bed on time!’ and end up staying up late again? Everybody has such situations where you say you are going to do one thing, and you know this one thing is the best thing to do and still you don’t do it. It’s like the moment the clock strikes [...]

Optimizing Self Love, the key to inner peace

Self Love As you can read in the article 'Self-love Investigated' you always act from a place of love for yourself. Every action is to help you forth... just how efficient are those ways of self-love? Why is it so difficult to look at ourselves with a confident and accepting smile? And where do the ineffective ways of self-love originate from? Childhood As a child we copy everything. We copy what we saw our parents do, our teachers told us [...]

Self Love investigated

Why ‘love yourself’ is B.S. advice Many times you hear teachers, coaches, therapists say ‘You’ve just got to love yourself’. It seems to be the answer to all questions about inner-peace, experiencing love, autonomy etc… It sounds logical. More self-love, more inner peace and less love needed from other people around you, resulting in a self-serving inner system of loving and being loved. But have you ever tried to love something that you dislike? It's impossible! You've got these [...]

Other peoples opinions are not your monkey

What if what other people think about you is non of your concern?  If another person looks at you, he doesn't see YOU. He sees the image of you, he sees his interpretation of you. He sees the picture in his mind of you. The way you look or talk to him might resemble the way one of his parents, his ex, the bullies at school or who ever looked and talked to him... Your appearance in his life triggers [...]

Peace in abundance

Peace is present in abundance right here and now. All is in peace, the walls, the ground, furniture, curtains, the chair you sit on, the plants, trees, animals outside... everything is in peace, lives in peace, stillness and harmony. In many people there is a discrepancy between life as it truly is and their experience of life. The experience of life often contains a lot of drama and fear. This fear settles in the body as tension. This tension is [...]

Psilocybin, depression & addiction

Psilocybin, depression & addiction Psilocybin, the active ingredient in Magic Truffles literally has a mind expanding effect. This means that the way you see yourself and life will expand during the journey. From this expanded point of view, all the old becomes relative and alternative perceptions are shown. This liberating effect has wonderful results for people suffering from depression or addiction. People suffering from depression or addiction, seeing themselves and life as undesirable, will go through fundamental changes and learn [...]

Can Magic Truffles facilitate deepening self-realization?

Magic truffles and self realization Can magic truffles or magic mushrooms help us realize the essence of who we are? You might have heard of the quote: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but are spiritual beings having a human experience.” — Pierre Teilhard de Chardin It is a profound quote referring to a deeper understanding of what you and I are and what this thing called life is about. Here in the West we predominantly [...]