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Information about the magic truffles journey

What can you expect?

Honesty there is no such thing as a standard magic truffles journey. Each journey is different.

The journey is dependent on:

  • your intention,
  • how you feel at that moment,
  • what’s going on in your life,
  • in which environment you are,
  • what music you have on and
  • the magic truffles themselves.

Phase 1: deep journey within

In general, you can say that the magic truffles begin to work after 40 to 60 minutes after ingestion. Usually you first feel a kind of tingling on your skin, followed by some distress in your body. The energy is starting to flow. Slowly but surely the colors become brighter and you start sensing your body and the energy in your body more and more intensely. You feel freer, there is more space and you feel bigger than your body. It is as if you become more aware of all the energy and emotions in your system. As a result of this new way of experiencing your body, the magic truffles can show you another perspective of your inner world. Themes from the subconscious mind can come up, memories, images from the future, etc etc… It is very personal and situation bound what happens. The effects come in subtle waves. The peak is generally around 2 hours after ingestion. Between 1 and 3 hours you are fully in your journey.

Phase 2: Transformation

After the peak, the effects decrease slowly. In the period from 3 to 4 hours after ingestion, slowly the ‘normal ‘ thought patterns return again. This is the stage where your normal thought patterns and your new state of consciousness meet.

This is an amazingly fertile ground for insights and transformation! Where phase 1 is mostly an energetic experience, phase 2 is a combination of energetic transformation and insight in your true state of being.

Phase 3: Integration & Celebration

After about 6 after ingestion, you’ll still feel a little buzz and your new state of being. After the rollercoaster of phase 1 and 2 everything is slowing down again. Personally I like to refer to this phase as the celebration phase, to celebrate your new enlightened state and relaxed body. This is also where integration starts. It’s good to write down your insights as anchors, reminders of new ways of interpreting and acting in the world.

It’s good to drink plenty of water and eat some healthy light food.

The days, weeks, sometimes months after, you might observe the world in a different light. The new insights can be very impressive and bring you great advantages during your daily life herein after.

Preparation sessions & integration sessions

The only thing you have to do during a magic truffle ceremony is to relax and allow space for what comes and goes. This can be feelings, emotions, thoughts, insights, hallucinations and other perceptions. If you sit back, the body can discharge, heal and relax in a very natural way.

Preparation sessions for more depth

To go deeper during the magic truffle journey, it is useful to get closer to yourself and make contact with your desires and the blockages that keep you from being happy. This can be done through bodywork (such as Rebalancing) or Self-inquiry.

Below is a brief explanation of these two methods:


During life feelings are not always fully allowed. For whatever reason there might not have been room for feelings of anger, fear, sadness, frustration, shame, regret etc. This energy gets stuck in the body. You recognize them as excessive tension, possibly pain. Rebalancing is a powerful method that allows us to put the energy back in motion through attentive massage. This brings the feelings and the underlying story of oppression to the surface. Through this contact, destructive beliefs and heavy emotions can be experienced and let go of. This all happens at a pace you are most comfortable with. After treatment, most people feel wonderfully relaxed and have gained insights into the circumstances of their previous issues and how to deal with them in the future.

Rebalancing is a method to learn to allow you to be you and open up to what comes and goes without judgment. During the magic truffle journey you are invited to do the exact same. The art of allowing your authentic self is therefore one of the greatest lessons the truffles can offer you.


The body plays a major role in regaining balance. The body flawlessly communicates what is needed when you are out of alignement. If you feel bad, you are out of alignement and things need to change. If you feel good, you know you are in alignement with your higher self, authentic, powerful and compassionate. Reconnecting with the body (and therefore with the authentic self) and acting more frequently on the signals in the body lead to a healthier balance and more joy. Via Self-inquiry, a “guided journey” through the body, you become aware of what is really going on inside. You can let go of what no longer serves you. Where Rebalancing is primarily done on the massage table, self-inquiry is done sitting on a chair with your eyes closed and the attention inwards.

All three methods, the magic truffles journey, Rebalancing and Self-inquiry are based on the principle that the body knows best. It knows exactly what needs to be done to regain a healthy balance and to relax.

Integration sessions for higher effectiveness

Integration is AS important as the magic truffles journey itself. During the integration phase the transformation your have enjoyed is anchored into day-to-day life.

Many people have wonderful insightful journeys with magic truffles, Ayahuasca or San Pedro, but without it really leading to lasting change. Often this is because they slowly slip back into old habits. The only way to make the magic truffles journey really affect your day-to-day life is to:

  • Record the insights as clearly as possible
  • From these newly acquired insights to see which new habits and constructive changes you can make in your life
  • Implement the new habits and retain them

Meditation can also tremendously help you to anchor and mature the shifts that have taken place during the magic truffles journey.

I can assist you during this process.

How does it work?

The success of a magic truffles ceremony depends on the preparation, a pleasant safe ceremony and a proper integration of insights after the ceremony.

The ceremony takes place at a location to your preference. This can be at my place. I have a wonderful quite ceremony room here. But it’s also possible to do it at your home or elsewhere where you feel comfortable. You can do the magic truffles ceremony together with your partner or with friends. To give everyone enough attention and to keep safety high for each participant, I guide ceremonies for up to 5 people at a time.

Below are the steps we take to make the psychedelic journey into a success.


  1. Intake interview¬†– First of all we plan a Skype conversation and discuss the details of the process. you have the opportunity to ask your questions. We’ll discuss your intention for the ceremony (if you have one) and your preferences. Each participant gets an intake separately.
  2. Investigate medication interaction – in case you use medication, it is necessary to submit a doctor’s statement in writing that there are no adverse interactions between the medication you are taking and the magic truffles. For example, you can have this checked by sending an email message to drugsinfo.nl: https://www.drugsinfo.nl/header/contactinformatie (the processing time is a maximum of 5 working days)
  3. Supporting documentation – I’ll send you documentation on how you can best prepare yourself, prepare the space, what to expect from the ceremony
  4. Ceremony¬†– the ceremony by default starts late in the morning and lasts for about 4-6 hours. All together we’ll be busy for 7 hours max. I prepare the magic truffles, accompany the ceremony starting with a guided meditation to ground ourselves, followed by beautiful peaceful music (if you have music pieces yourself, then we can add them). I take care of all the preconditions, ensure your safety and support you during any tricky moments during your trip if they might occur. If desired, I will support your healing process with Rebalancing (mindful massage) to even let go deeper of that which doesn’t serve you anymore and holds you back from experiencing love, inner peace and strength.
  5. Aftercare (optional)¬†– a week after the ceremony, we have an integration conversation. We discuss how you are doing and your progress. I’ll answer your questions and I’ll give you advice as to how to integrate your new insights into your daily life as effectively as possible


For the costs of magic truffles ceremony guidance, the preparation and integration sessions, please send me a message. If you want to have ceremonies guided on a regular basis, I can offer you a package price deal with several ceremonies and supporting sessions.

5 % of the costs after tax are going to the organization Free a Girl. You contribute to the reduction of human trafficking and child prostitution