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Who is Sebastiaan?

Hi there,

Below you’ll find a short bio to give you an idea of who I am. I attach great importance to mutual trust. For this reason, we first meet face-to-face or via Skype to get to know each other.

My intention is to create a field of calm, peaceful and friendly openness so you can feel comfortable and safe to enjoy your journey.

Sebastiaan (43 yrs)

Something about myself…

Since puberty I have been interested in self-realization, exploring with the question ‘Who am I beyond my self-image and the persona that I call Sebastiaan?’. The realization of my true nature has brought me a lot of insight, stability, inner peace and space. Master plants have played a major role in further deepening this realization.

I have been working as a certified Rebalancing therapist for about 7 years. I help people with traumas, depression, burnout and other psychosomatic issues.

For about four years now I am exploring the wonderful Master plants our planet offer us, such as psilocybin truffles. But also other plants, such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro and Rapé. These plants can bring about a tremendous acceleration of your awareness and healing process.

From January till June 2018 I was in Peru to learn about the traditional shamanic customs and healing rituals. During this time I learned about the fantastic healing powers of nature and about indigenous substances such as San Pedro (cactus), Kamboo (frog poison) and of course Ayahuasca.

My mission is to help people from ego-identification and being stuck to self realization, hearts wisdom and natural flowering.

Master plants are my ally, the plants are sacred friends who help me help myself and others on their path to inner peace, love, strength and wisdom. My aim is to make these wonderful natural substances available to anyone who wants to get acquainted with them  in a safe and joyful way.